Professional Floor Waxing Services for Businesses

First impressions count, especially with prospective clients. That first contact with a customer can make or break any future interactions with them. Although it seems less important than other aspects of running a business, having a clean, shiny floor can be crucial.

Let the commercial cleaning staff at J.R Janitorial Service Inc. trip and wax your floors and keep them looking at their best by buffing them regularly so that it’s bright and shiny when prospective customers walk through your facilities so you can focus on what matters the most, your business.

Floor waxing is an important part of keeping your facility looking its best and maintaining the value of your floors. But the process must be performed properly to get the best benefit. At J.R Janitorial Service Inc., we take the time to do it right using the best products to help maintain your floor the longest.

Most businesses don’t have the time or staff necessary to take care of their floors. That’s where J.R Janitorial Service Inc. comes in. Our cleaning experts are highly trained professionals in all aspects of floor cleaning services, including floor buffing, stripping and waxing.


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Heavy traffic areas tend to accumulate large quantities of dirt and can damage a floor that would otherwise look great. The polished floors that are typically found in companies can accumulate large amounts of wax, causing a yellowish, repelling discolouration. This accumulation of wax, combined with deep scratches, wear and abrasions, acts as a magnet that attracts even more dirt.

We have the experience, knowledge and tools to keep your floors looking new fresh. We offer floor waxing as well as tile, grout and marble cleaning.

How We Do It

    • We sweep and thoroughly dust the area to make sure all loose dirt is removed.
    • We prepare our stripping solution based on manufacturer recommendations.
    • We apply the stripping solution to small sections of the floor at a time.
    • We use an automatic scrubber to remove existing sealer.
    • We use a mop to remove the dirty stripping solution and water.
    • We damp mop the floor with clean water and allow to dry.
    • We finish by apply the sealer of wax that is appropriate for that floor surface.

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