JR Janitorial Service, Inc. is a privately owned & operated, licensed, and insured company. We provide professional commercial cleaning services to establishments all across Los Angeles County.

We started over 18 years ago with a clear mission of always fulfilling our client’s standards without fail. With this in mind, our team works collectively to ensure consistency and quality in your building cleaning service.

deep cleaning and disinfection

Our Commitment

Every team member is committed to delivering organized janitorial solutions with the best quality in commercial cleaning services. Whenever your standards aren’t met, or there is something to remedy, we will go the extra mile to stay friendly and prompt.

Our Product

Our services always provide more value than what we can express, but it is evident through: High-quality maintenance is available as frequently as you request it. You will love to work with us. A 24-hour support system will guarantee a quick response and assistance. Services with flexible plans are implemented to suit your budget.

What Makes Us the Best?

Behind the superior quality we are known for, we guarantee three main elements to ensure the outcome will be the desired one:

Reliable Staff

Our company has a unique hiring program. We are incredibly selective in who we choose to be part of our team and family. All employees go through an in-depth background check, intrinsic training and are equipped with comprehensive 4-hour job orientation. Our uniformed field staff cleans your facility to the highest professional standards.

Quality Control

Supervisors will perform random inspections during the cleaning process, verifying that every item on the checklist provided is done. Meet consistency, reliability, and environmental awareness in every service we provide. This is the core value and our company’s standards.

Expert Management

When working with JR Janitorial Service, Inc., your facility will be up to date in all requested services. At the same time, our professional management systems handle your establishment always to be bright and clean.