The Trusted Cleaning Service in Glendale, CA

As the second-most populated city in LA County, Glendale is known for beautiful parks, gardens, television studios, and the famous Galleria. The rich culture and diverse population are in high demand for janitorial services. Why? They’re convenient, efficient, and handle your heavy lifting! JR Janitorial Service Inc. has been in business for decades, tidying homes, businesses, apartments, offices, and more. So, if you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy cleaning service in Glendale, CA, you’ve come to the right place.

The Trusted Cleaning Service in Glendale, CA<br />

Say Goodbye to the Hassle of Cleaning!

JR Janitorial Service Inc. stands out for its pristine reputation among janitorial services in Glendale, Sherman Oaks, Santa Monica, Encino, and more! Our reputable staff and BBB accreditation make us the perfect choice for your cleaning needs. Call (818) 404-0113 today and book an appointment with us!

Our Cleaning Service in Glendale Includes<br />

Our Cleaning Service in Glendale Includes

We stand out because of our comprehensive services covering everything from deep carpet cleaning to workplace disinfection. With the guarantee of finding exemplary service to suit your needs, JR Janitorial Service Inc.‘s team of janitors will tackle any project, whether big or small. Our services include:

Janitorial Services

Ideal and recurring cleaning services for businesses and institutions.

Disinfection Services

Cleaning and sanitizing surfaces to remove harmful bacteria and viruses.

Apartment Cleaning

Cleaning and maintaining apartments, including kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and bedrooms.

Carpet Care

Cleaning, shampooing, and stain-protecting carpets without damaging them.

Commercial Cleaning

Ideal cleaning services for offices, retail stores, restaurants, and more.

Construction Clean Up

Forget about cleaning construction sites after projects are completed; we’ll do it for you.

Day Porter Services

We provide light cleaning and maintenance services for businesses and institutions.

Event Clean Up

Cleaning up after weddings, parties, and conferences is a thing of the past.

Floor Care

We’ll mop, clean, polish, and protect your floors, leaving them shiny and brand-new.

Office Cleaning

We clean and maintain offices, including desks, chairs, bathrooms, conference rooms, and more.

Pressure Washing

Give your exterior surfaces a deep cleaning with high-pressure water.

Experts in Business & Office Cleaning in Glendale

When it comes to maintaining a spotless and productive workspace in Glendale, there’s no substitute for the expertise of professional office cleaning services. At JR Janitorial Service Inc., we’re not just seasoned cleaners but experts in office cleaning in Glendale. Our team understands that a clean office is essential for employee health, productivity, and company image. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to delivering top-tier, comprehensive office cleaning services.

With a robust portfolio of satisfied clients ranging from small startups to sprawling corporate offices, we’ve repeatedly proven that we are the go-to solution for Glendale business cleaning needs.

Experts in Business & Office Cleaning in Glendale

Who Benefits From Our Glendale Office Cleaning?

Small to Large Scale Businesses
Medical Facilities
Government Offices
Law Firms
Real Estate Agencies
Non-profit Organizations

Call Centers
Banks and Financial Institutions
Co-working Spaces
Residential Complexes with Shared Office Spaces
Event and Conference Centers

We Are Also Your Go-To For Glendale Commercial Cleaning!<br />

We Are Also Your Go-To For Glendale Commercial Cleaning!

Navigating the demands of a bustling commercial space can be daunting, but not when you have the right cleaning partner. JR Janitorial Service Inc. is proud to stand as the commercial cleaning experts in Glendale, providing unmatched services to meet your unique business needs.

Our highly-trained team utilizes modern cleaning techniques, state-of-the-art equipment, and green cleaning solutions, ensuring your commercial space shines while maintaining the highest environmental standards.

Who Benefits From Our Commercial Cleaning Service in Glendale, CA?

Retail Stores and Shopping Malls
Restaurants, Cafes, and Bakeries
Hotels and Motels
Office Buildings and Corporate Parks
Warehouses and Industrial Facilities
Schools and Universities
Hospitals, Clinics, and Healthcare Facilities
Banks and Financial Institutions
Fitness Centers and Gyms

Cinemas and Theaters
Libraries and Museums
Public Transport Stations (Bus, Train)
Car Dealerships and Showrooms
Salons and Spas
Nightclubs and Entertainment Venues
Supermarkets and Grocery Stores
Religious Institutions
Construction Sites

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to choosing a reliable, top-quality janitorial service, your search ends here. Here’s why we stand out from the competition:

  • 20+ Years of Experience and Expertise
  • Quality Assurance
  • Customized Cleaning Solutions
  • Commitment to Eco-Friendly Cleaning
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Impeccable Customer Satisfaction

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Don’t wait for the perfect time to enhance the cleanliness and appeal of your business environment — the time is now. Invest in a healthier, cleaner, and more productive space with JR Janitorial Service Inc. Call (818) 404-0113 or request a quote through our website today!