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Floor Care Services

We provide floor care and floor cleaning services for any property such as commercial buildings, apartment faculties, houses, etc. Let our licensed and insured cleaning staff at JR Janitorial Service, Inc., provide superior floor care and floor waxing services to keep them looking their best. By buffing them regularly, you’ll keep your floors bright and shiny, and when prospective customers walk through your facilities, you’ll make a great first impression. We have the experience, knowledge, and tools to keep your floors looking fresh. We offer floor waxing services as well as tile, grout, and marble cleaning. At JR Janitorial Service Inc., we take the time to do it right using the best products to help maintain your floor the longest. Our professionals have also undergone a safety training program that ensures they follow safe working practices while maintaining their floors.
floor care

Floor Care/Floor Waxing Services:



Concrete, vinyl, and stone floor maintenance
Tile and grout cleaning

floor care jr janitorial services

The Best Methods for Floor Care

Floor Waxing Services

One of our specialties regarding floor care is our floor waxing services. By applying a floor wax and then buffing it, your floors can be smoother and shinier, giving the appearance of brand new. But it’s not merely about looks. Floor waxing makes them more durable, acting like a protective layer. The frequency with which you get floor waxing services will depend on the amount of wear your floors endure. This process consists of four steps: stripping, sealing, waxing, and buffing. At JR Janitorial Inc., our floor waxing services are thorough. We don’t miss an inch of floor, and we don’t finish until you are satisfied with the product. Make your consultations today!

Floor Maintenance

With commercial activity, your floors endure a lot of transit as cleaning experts recommend regular floor maintenance. It will help even more to keep them free from all of the dirt and contaminants that accumulate. We save your floors by providing superior floor care with the most dedicated staff.

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