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Pressure Washing Services

The nasty dirt and grime that accumulates every day seem to be stuck there forever. Cleaning your exterior surfaces with conventional methods would only seem like a waste of time and money — Until you hire a pressure washer service.

Keeping up with all the filth isn’t an option, and cleaning it yourself is less. Your experts on pressure washer services at JR Janitorial can help you focus on your essential tasks instead of cleaning.

To maintain spotless outdoors, clients all across Los Angeles can count on us to provide pressure washing services for commercial & residential properties.

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Pressure Washing & JR Janitorial to the Rescue!

When it comes to residential and commercial properties, even when your building is clean on the inside, the building’s exterior part happens to be what clients and guests see first. How can you be 100% certain that what they see is good? Making sure they’re clean.
The method by excellence to clean exterior surfaces is pressure washing, as it works for many different structures. Here is why it is the best:

The Efficacy Behind Pressure Washing

Pressure washing does not exist without a pressure washer, and that is why it is crucial. A pressure washer, like its name suggests, applies pressure to produce a controlled high-pressure water stream. This method is simple but gets rid of a great deal of dirt and contaminants from:

Parking Lots

Building Exteriors Floors
Concrete, Cement, or Brick Walls & Surfaces. Siding Roofs
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The Efficacy Behind JR Janitorial’s Superior Services

Pressure washing on its own is efficient, but with JR Janitorial is a topper. How? We provide:
  • Top Equipment: A pressure washer needs to be of excellent quality to get the job done. We use top-of-the-line pressure washers.
  • Eco-Friendly Cleaning Formulas: When removing hard stains like oil and grease, a specialized cleaning solution works like a treat. We make sure to use safe cleaning formulas for our customers and the environment.
  • Experience & Technique: Leave it to us to detect and provide the adequate treatment each of your surfaces needs. We know how to operate a pressure washer to clean without damaging your property and still leave it impeccable.
Pressure washing is powerful yet safe at the hand of professionals. You know a janitorial company is reliable when they can clean ALL of your spaces. It is a guarantee with our pressure washer services. Contact us now!
When using pressured water to clean exterior surfaces, you can entirely revamp them and also ensure they won’t be damaged, as it could happen on some surfaces with heated power washing.