Construction Cleaning Services FAQs: Everything You Need To Know!

If you have a construction project ahead, getting it right is a matter of proper management. The obvious tasks like the actual building go to your contractor, but have you thought about construction cleaning? You can’t skip this; otherwise, your project wouldn’t be complete. Apart from knowing that there is cleaning that needs to be done, there are other important aspects. Every bit of key information about construction cleaning services is right here. Let’s take a look:
Construction Cleaning FAQs

What Does Construction Cleaning Services Consist Of?

Let’s start by covering the basics of what construction cleaning services are and involve. There will be sawdust, debris, and other dirt from the process leftover during any construction project.

Before completion, these have to be removed by construction cleaning services, for leaving a clean site. What’s required for every construction clean-up varies with every job. For instance, a home renovation won’t be the same as building construction.

The tasks will vary accordingly, and to meet them all, the construction cleaning services must provide a special checklist, with the following points:

For the interior:

  • Dusting every surface.
  • Cleaning inside and outside appliances, closets, cabinets, and drawers.
  • Sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming floors.
  • Windows, mirrors, and glass surfaces cleaning.
  • Removing all debris and trash.
  • Cleaning fixtures, finishes, baseboards, doorknobs, etc.
  • Cleaning sinks, showers, backsplash, tubs, etc.
  • Toilet cleaning and sanitization.

For the exterior:

  • Power washing
  • Cleaning decks, patios, or any other exterior spaces.
  • Trash and debris removal.

When Is Construction Cleaning Done? Stages Of Construction Clean-up

You may have heard terms like post-construction cleaning services or construction clean-up. Although related, they aren’t the same. Construction cleaning isn’t executed exclusively after the project is finished. You may hire construction cleaning services for different stages in the project. Again, not every job will require all three stages. It solely depends on its peculiarities.
  • The first and most common stage is post-construction clean-up. It is carried out after every finish is completed to leave your home or facility ready to move in or back in.
  • During the process, rough cleanings may be done to remove large debris or heavy dust before flooring installation.
  • Third and last, we have light cleanings are done before or after the final clean to remove any leftover residue after finishes and details.

Who Cleans Up After Construction?

This is settled by the particular arrangement of your project. In some instances, the construction company will take care of the cleaning. In other cases, you may have to recur to construction cleaning services. It is important to discuss it beforehand, to avoid misunderstandings.

If you do require these services, you have to look for a cleaning company that offers them, because not all of them do. After all, it is a specialized service. Sometimes, construction companies will hire these services themselves and include them in the overall price for the construction. If they don’t, they will expect you as the client to do it.

In whatever scenario, it is always best to inform yourself about how you will proceed, how much cleaning will be done, and if they are reputable in the case of working with a company.

Should I Hire A Construction Cleaning Service?

Construction cleaning services have many perks and ultimately are the most reasonable option, especially with large-scale construction. You can only expect a once hectic work site to leave a mess and everything covered in dust. Construction cleaning companies offer detailed work that can save you from fines and optimize the time spent cleaning. And get the site ready to move in!

Often the lack of experience can also damage the elements in construction. Cleaning looks slightly different for every area and surface. There are always do’s and don’ts. A professional construction cleaning service will know this. However, a person who lacks the proper training may not be aware. After a walkthrough of the site, they can determine the best and safest methods for cleaning.

The workload is more demanding than simply whipping dust. When you don’t want to risk ruining anything and have to reinvest in repairs or replacements, construction cleaning services, and JR Janitorial Services Inc. are your best choice.

We can tackle every construction cleaning project, from residential to commercial, and deliver optimum results with our thorough quality control. Contact us today!