Janitor Vs. Cleaner: Which One Do You Need?

Commercial cleaning entails a lot of different services. It isn’t uncommon to find terms that can get used interchangeably or mistaken. That could be, for instance, a janitor vs. a commercial cleaner.

It sounds like there is no important difference between them. Still, with the complexities of commercial cleaning, when choosing one or the other, these differences can determine how much value and return over investment you receive.

Therefore, a janitor and commercial cleaner are similar but not the same. They actually belong to two different types of commercial cleaning services. To hire the right one for your needs, we cover everything you need to know about both and valuable recommendations. Read on.

janitor vrs cleaners


When you imagine a janitor’s work, a porter or guardian immediately comes to mind. You see them cleaning buildings, public spaces, and extensive commercial facilities almost all the time. That is because a janitor’s job covers the daily cleaning tasks for larger commercial facilities. They also may perform light commercial tasks and deep cleaning per request.

A janitor specifically performs janitorial cleaning. This type of clean covers tasks like daily dusting, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, and surface disinfection. They also clean windows, empty trash cans, and re-stock consumables. Janitors clean every area, including bathrooms, kitchens, offices, classrooms, etc., depending on the type of facility.

Property managers or owners may think they have to do the staffing themselves, but through janitorial cleaning services, the cleaning company can take care of it. Hiring a janitorial is ideal for:

  • Large commercial facilities, schools, campuses, or public spaces that get traffic daily.
  • Having someone fixed that can assist with cleaning and light maintenance tasks.
  • Facilities prone to getting dirty or need to be kept clean all the time for liability reasons.

Commercial Cleaner

Certain cleaning tasks are necessary to aid with the upkeep of your commercial facility, but they may not need to be performed daily. Some operations won’t call for daily cleaning but somewhat consistent visits. Those types of jobs pertain to commercial cleaners.

A commercial cleaner will come once, weekly or bi-weekly to clean your facility per request. The cleaning tasks, schedule, and the areas that are cleaned are executed only if agreed on, contrary to a janitor who is stationary in your facility.

Tasks like floor care, spot cleaning, washing carpet, windows, tile, and grout, sanitizing common areas, and so on are a cleaner’s job. Hiring a commercial cleaner is ideal for:

  • Facilities that don’t receive a lot of traffic, where cleanings can
  • be more spaced out.
  • Facilities with busy schedules.
  • Deep cleanings.
Commercial Cleaner<br />
Customized cleaning plans

Which One To Choose?

With the previous breakdown, you’ll be able to match your needs to the services that suit them best. Most of the time, commercial facilities may need both. Whether you choose a janitor or a cleaner, at JR Janitorial Service Inc. you can actually find both solutions, with extra perks:

  • Handpicked staff and owner-supervised services.
  • 24-Hour support and convenient scheduling.
  • Customized cleaning plans and access to a wide range of cleaning solutions.

All of these elements are indispensable for a foolproof janitorial cleaning service. We go above and beyond your needs, surpassing your expectations. If you have further doubts or consultations, don’t hesitate to let us know!