What is building maintenance & repair? It is basically performing tasks for its upkeep and functionality. We won’t lie. There is a lot to take care of, which also varies depending on the building you run: a school, medical facility, office, rental property, and much more. Still, it has to be done.

With our experience handling clean-up crews and customizing clean-up plans for a diversity of commercial clients at JR Janitorial Service, we have our fair share of experience managing maintenance in buildings. Because of this, we help you get the hang of it with this simple guide.

Your Professional Guide To Building Maintenance<br />

Steps To Manage Building Maintenance: Creating Your Checklist

How do you manage building maintenance? Counting with a plan is of great help. Many landlords and managers create a building maintenance checklist because it is easy to schedule and verify everything. If you want to make yours and ensure you aren’t missing anything, here are the steps to create a thorough checklist:

  • Choose the different categories your checklist will cover: From cleaning to HVAC, landscaping, and more, building maintenance is broad and covers many areas.
  • Determine the type of maintenance you’ll be performing: You’ve probably heard and are left wondering, “what are the types of building maintenance?”. There’s plenty to do, but the critical thing is to separate the tasks according to each type of maintenance.
  • List the tasks per area: Now, you can start listing tasks depending on the location, such as kitchen, lobby, hallways, office, building exterior, and much more.
  • Consider the schedule: The type of building maintenance also determines the frequency in which each task has to be done. Separate your tasks from routine to annual to set a schedule.

Building Maintenance Tasks You Shouldn’t Forget.

There are different levels of urgency for each task, which helps you prioritize them. We say some common categories are imperative to cover. These are:

HVAC Cleaning & Preventative Maintenance

Whether it’s warm and sunny or cold, your HVAC systems put on work year-round. However, they won’t perform well unless you give them proper maintenance. Cleaning HVAC systems is not only a significant part of its maintenance. It’s also necessary for indoor air quality.


What would be your building without electricity, water, gas, etc.? These systems have to be up and running without fail, which can happen if you don’t maintain and repair them. If something is certain, addressing minor repairs on time is smarter than dealing with an issue that could leave you without utilities.

Safety Systems Maintenance

Building maintenance wouldn’t be complete without taking care of your safety systems. Everything from fire detectors to backup generators and much more should be inspected and assessed constantly. The risk of an emergency is unexpected, so it always is the best time to check your safety systems.


From top to bottom, indoor to outdoor, your building gets dirty every day. Therefore, you can imagine how indispensable it is to designate a crew to clean it thoroughly. It is not only a matter of curb appeal but also image, safety, and cost-effectiveness. Every building maintenance plan counts with a proper cleaning plan.
Need Building Maintenance?<br />

Need Building Maintenance?

Once you have your plan, you can put it into action. But you won’t be doing everything on your own, that’s for sure. You require expert assistance for each building maintenance need.

For instance, at JR Janitorial Service, we service extensive commercial facilities of all sorts with cleaning services. Cleaning is one of the most challenging building maintenance chores because it is performed daily.

Still, we have dependable crews and give you comfort by creating a customized cleaning plan ourselves. You will just need to approve it! If you require commercial cleaning services, Make your consultations today!