How To Create An Office Cleaning Checklist: A Guide For Owners & Managers

When you hire a janitorial cleaning service for your facility, you want to be sure they will comply with your needs. An office cleaning checklist is perfect to pair with commercial cleaning services, making them more efficient. A list plus working with a company that offers flexible cleaning plans like JR Janitorial Service will ensure the service precisely meets your requirements.

You can easily create your commercial cleaning checklist, which we’ll show you how to do right here.

Benefits & How To Of An Office Cleaning Checklist

Benefits Of An Office Cleaning Checklist

An office cleaning checklist is great to have before, during, and after the cleaning is done. It provides multiple benefits, so we recommend it for those in charge of running commercial facilities of all sorts. Here are the advantages:

Optimizing Budget: We can customize our cleaning plans to fit your requirements, but also budget. Making an office cleaning checklist can help you determine the most urgent tasks and which ones you may skip or postpone to fit your budget.

Easy Monitoring: Commercial facility cleaning, especially in buildings, hospitals, and schools, is a complex job, like ensuring they are adequately cleaned. An office cleaning checklist is a suitable tool for monitoring the cleaning, primarily when working with a cleaning company. It lets you have everything at hand when you need to inspect it.

Promoting Hygiene & Workplace Well-Being: A professional cleaning service can significantly impact the workplace, as discussed in another blog. As long as cleaning is done correctly, the impact will be positive, and your office cleaning checklist helps do that.

Should You Create An Office Cleaning Checklist?

Considering everything we’ve talked about so far, an office cleaning checklist isn’t a strict requirement but rather a tool to help you stay organized and stick to your priorities. Overall it makes supervising commercial cleaning straightforward. If you run a facility, no one knows its needs better as you do, which is why creating an office cleaning checklist yourself is so important.

Steps To Create An Office Cleaning Checklist

Now we can get to help you create your office cleaning checklist. Our method can be applied to other commercial facilities like restaurants, gyms, schools, medical buildings, etc. It also works for specific areas. For instance, if you require a commercial kitchen cleaning checklist, you can use this method. Follow our simple steps below:

1. List Every Area That Requires Cleaning

First and foremost, start by listing every area that needs to be cleaned. Doing this first will prevent you from forgetting any cleaning tasks in each room. It also simplifies creating the rest of your office cleaning checklist. A great tip is to list the ones that require more cleaning first, like restrooms, kitchens, lobbies, etc. Then you can move to less-used areas.

2. Address General Maintenance Tasks First

Depending on the size of your facility, your office cleaning checklist can be extensive, so tackle the basics first. They may seem obvious, but you can forget them. Unless you add them first to your cleaning checklist. Routine cleaning or general cleaning tasks for every room can include the following:

  • Dusting all surfaces (high and low)
  • General surface cleaning
  • Floorcare
  • Vacuuming
  • Window cleaning
  • Sanitization and disinfection
  • Emptying trash
  • Stocking Up Recyclables

3. List The Main Surfaces That Have to Be Cleaned In Each Area

Again, for increased efficiency, you want to make your office cleaning checklist as detailed as possible, which implies listing every surface you want to clean. You decide what has to be cleaned and what doesn’t, so it is good to specify it. For instance, in restrooms, you can include mirrors, toilets, showers (if it applies), and so on.

4. Indicate How Often Each Cleaning Task Should Be Performed

One significant and vital aspect of an office cleaning checklist is the frequency of cleaning since it can determine your cleaning service schedules. Some things call for more frequent cleaning than others, like dusting vs. floor waxing. At JR Janitorial Service, we accommodate our services to our clients’ schedules. It is easier to do so if you include each cleaning schedule in your office cleaning checklist.

5. Add Any Specifications

Once you have gotten the essential aspects out of the way, you can include any particular tasks and make specifications about cleaning tasks. Specifying cleaning tasks is helpful to determine the proper cleaning tools, techniques, and formulas.

Applying Your Office Cleaning Checklist

Once you have created your office cleaning checklist, it is time for a professional cleaning service to execute it. At JR Janitorial Service, we adjust to our client’s needs with our wide range of services, flexible cleaning plans, and convenient scheduling. We are the perfect choice for tailored cleaning in the Greater Los Angeles area. For assistance, get in touch with us today!