Suppose you are a commercial property owner, manager, or professional janitorial cleaner. In that case, we know that ensuring a healthy and good workplace environment for employees and clients is extremely important. Taking care of a commercial property, specifically office buildings, calls for the proper knowledge on how to clean an office building, whether you are in charge of doing the cleaning or supervision.

There are a lot of territories to cover regarding office building cleaning due that a lot of people use the facilities daily. One must maintain the facilities neat without interrupting the workflow but still thoroughly clean everything. Still, it is more straightforward when you know what has to be done. That is why we share all of the basics on how to clean an office building in this post!

How We Clean Office Buildings & Take Care of Commercial Cleaning<br />

Dusting & Whipping

In a commercial building and just about anywhere else, there is always dust. Dusting is done by a janitor cleaner at least once a week, on every surface, followed by whipping. Generally, objects in desks aren’t moved around, but they’ll have to be exceptionally careful when there’s dust buildup. There should also be extra care when dusting around breakable objects.

Windows & Glass

Dirty mirrors, windows, and other glass surfaces are noticeable and give off a dirty look to the building. Regarding how to clean an office building, these surfaces have to be whipped every day with glass cleaners to remove fingerprints, streaks, and more.


Restrooms have their category because there is a lot to cover, from mirrors to sinks, counters, and toilets. Bathrooms have to be hygienic. To know how to clean an office building, one must know how to clean the restrooms. This is done by whipping down every surface followed by disinfection, stocking consumables, cleaning toilet bowls, toilet seats, floors, and so on.

If anything requires a deeper clean, a janitorial cleaner will notify the supervisor beforehand.

Floor Care

Floorcare on a general basis is similar to dusting. You have to remove the dirt that sits on top of it every day through mopping. When there are stains, stain mopping will be required. Once a month, however, floor waxing can be done to maintain shiny floors, which gives an unmatched neat appeal.

A Bit Of Tidying Too

Knowing how to clean a building also implies tidying up, but this applies to meeting rooms, chairs, kitchens, and lobbies. We don’t tidy up desks unless requested to prevent losing or ruining important papers, devices, and other valuable objects.

In With the Supplies Out With the Trash

Of course, consumable supplies like soap and paper towels have to be restocked frequently, and janitorial cleaners do that. The concern on how to clean an office building is also about keeping it clean, and of course, emptying trash, whipping off drips, and replacing trash bags is a necessary duty that janitorial cleaning tackles.

How We Clean Office Buildings & Take Care of Commercial Cleaning

Now you have a general picture of how to clean a building. Still, if you want a clearer picture of how to clean your commercial property, JR Janitorial Service Inc. will help. Our customized approach to janitorial cleaning suits your demands through a particular cleaning plan to your business, determined by an inspection.

Office cleaning is always better when it is personalized. If you are interested in learning more about our and janitorial services in general, browse our site and stay tuned for our blogs!