The year is coming to an end, and we are only days away from the holidays, and in true Christmas fashion, why not throw a fantastic Christmas party at your office? While they are fun for everyone, they are also challenging for the person managing them.

To give you a bit of help, we’ve decided to offer advice in our area of expertise: cleaning. We will guide you through the actions to ensure proper after-party cleaning and host a wonderful Christmas party!

Office After Party Cleaning Guide For Christmas Events

Define A Cleaning Plan

With Christmas event cleaning, a plan can make things easier for you as the organizer and the cleaning staff. With so many things to cover in a holiday party or any other event, the after-party cleaning part will be much smoother if you have a plan.

We’ve already discussed how to create an office cleaning plan, but event cleanup has its particularities. It is best to discuss it with an expert event cleaner to help you settle what you’ll need depending on your event. With a cleaning plan you:

  • Won’t leave out any necessary cleaning tasks.
  • Ensure someone will take care of each task.
  • Make it easy to go over everything after the event is done.

Before Cleaning

To have a fabulous Christmas party, you don’t only need after-party cleaning, but also before it. Some aren’t aware that cleaning prior to the event can make after-party cleaning a lot easier, especially since parties can be particularly messy.

For instance, not emptying trash before the event can make the bins overflow with large amounts of garbage, affecting the ambiance. If you want to avoid this and such problems, make sure you schedule cleaning prior to the event. Some things you can include are:

  • Restocking consumables because there will be many people using them.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces to promote health.
  • Clean the floors to facilitate cleaning later.
  • Clean the restrooms and common areas.
  • Tidy and messy areas.

Select The Right Cleaning Staff

Not all events are the same, but you want to count on an adequate workforce for the holiday cleaning. Apart from choosing a trained and skilled cleaning staff, you must ensure proper communication with them and that they will be able to handle the cleaning load.

The size of the cleaning staff depends on the size of your event. An event cleaning company is of great help in these cases because they can assess better how many teams they will need. For instance, at JR Janitorial Services, we appoint the proper cleaning staff for small or big events.

After Party Cleaning

Once your Christmas party is over, it is time to kick in with after-party cleaning. You want everything to go back to its place at this stage, especially if you have to return to work activities after that. Essentially, you want to ensure:

  • All trash is emptied and disposed of.
  • Consumables are restocked once again.
  • The mess is cleared.
  • Every area is cleaned, from floors to surfaces.

We recommend disinfection and sanitization of every surface in after-party cleaning. This way, you will wipe out every contaminant and germs that could be sitting on these surfaces.

Hiring An Event & Party Cleaning Service

Event managing is demanding, but not when you have the right help. In particular, hiring a professional event and party cleaning service for Christmas parties and significant events is a smart choice. To select the right one, check if they can meet your needs and if the company is reputable.

At JR Janitorial Services, we handle big or small event cleaning, creating personalized plans, and providing supervised cleaning. We won’t leave any detail behind, and our work is guaranteed. Get in touch with us today!